Eliminate Stubborn Tree Stumps

Trust an established stump grinding company in Nashua, NH

Think of your yard. Is your view neat and picturesque, or is it interrupted by unsightly stumps? Stumps can ruin the appearance of any property. Plus, they can lead to plant damage and pest infestations.

Stump N' Grind LLC is a renowned stump grinding company based in Nashua, NH. Our local stump remover pro can handle any stumps, large or small. You'll get detailed, efficient work at an affordable price when you turn to us.

Rely on a local company

Choosing a stump grinding company is a big decision. You need a professional to handle the job correctly. Many property owners rely on us because:

We use the largest high-efficiency stump grinding machine in the industry
We have more than 15 years of stump grinding experience
We're full licensed and insured to handle any stump removal project

Schedule your stump grinding service in Nashua, NH or one of the surrounding areas today. We'll gladly give you a free estimate on our work.

Our process covers all the bases

When you come to us for a stump grinding service, you can trust that you're in good hands. Our process is thorough, so you can rest assured that your yard will get the care it needs. Our team will:


Visit your space to assess the situation


Contact Dig Safe to make sure the area is free of utility lines


Use top-of-the-line equipment to grind down your stumps


Spread dirt and wood chips to even out your soil


Make sure you're satisfied with the result

Our team also offers snow plowing specifically for Fitchburg, MA residents. We know how difficult it is to keep your driveways and walkways safe and functional during Massachusetts winters. That's why we work hard to make your space as safe as possible.

Call 603-438-6492 now to learn more about our various services. Don't forget to ask about our specials for veterans, senior citizens and first responders.